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Why do people collect coins?

1926-D Standing Lib 25c - obv0001

This might seem like a pretty basic question to pose on my first coin collecting blog, but I have found that it is not as simple as you may think.

I have been collecting coins since I was 8. Like many of us baby boomers I started when I got my first newspaper route. Checking out all the loose change for  the elusive rarity. The occasional Buffalo nickel would make my day.  But my perspective will be very different from those 8 year olds that come into my shop today.  It’s not just that the dimes, quarters and halves that I was checking out in the fifties happened to be silver. Coin collecting 50+ years ago was a hobby more than an investment. Sure, the coins I was smart enough to put away did appreciate. But that isn’t why I collected. For me it was the thrill of the hunt. There were plenty of common dated coins that I had a hard time locating. When I was able to find one to fill a hole in my collection – I was thrilled.

In 1981, after working  seven years at a local bank as a trust officer, I decided to turn a hobby into a business.  I opened my shop (Doelger’s Gallery of Coins) in Warren,  New Jersey.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of my incredibly understanding wife of two years. A lot of changes have occurred in coin collecting since then.

Very often a family will drop by my shop to check it out. The first thing I do is ask the kids what they collect. More often than not,  one child will let me know in detail all his (or her) collecting interests. But another has absolutely no collecting desire. Sometimes a History teacher proves the motivator. Or possibly old Uncle Bob.

I am very interested in why today’s collectors collect.

  •  What age did you started collecting? (see poll below)
  •  Was there a specific coin that caught your eye?
  •  Was there a period in which you stopped collecting?  If so, why?
  •  How did you house your first collection? Whitman folder? Shoe box?
  •  Who sparked your interest?

All comments greatly appreciated!!


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